Lose weight success stories

I am very pleased with my results. I have lost 13 kg in 3 month. I have noticed that I have better days when I listen to the CD’s. I did struggle a bit while on holiday but when I returned I was straight back into listening to the CD’s and that has helped me get back on track. I have dropped 2-3 dress sizes.

Michelle S. Rockingham ,WA


Some success stories of quit smoking cigarettes with the Vitality Clinic


Margaret – Waikiki, WA

I now have the power to change my own life. The cigarettes never will control me again in my life. I highly recommend this clinic.

Michael – South Perth, WA

After 25 years and lot of attempts, hypnosis was the quick and easy way to give up and I haven’t felt like one since 2013.

Claire – Medina, WA

I tried everything else and wanted to change my life. I fully recommend this system. I’m a non smoker for life.

Michelle- Como, WA

I now feel I have the power  and motivation to never smoke again.

I am very pleased I decided to go ahead and do this system.

Jan – Applecross , WA

It’s a good feeling to be free from cigarettes for the rest of my life.

David – Como, WA

It feels great to be a non-smoker and not to be worrying about where I’m going to find somewhere to smoke any more

Val – Applecross, WA

It’s been a year since I quit and it still feels better and better every

Suzan B. Armadale WA

“Now I feel much better and honestly don’t feel like to have a puff anymore. I feel really good.’’

John K. Booragoon, WA

“I feel enlightened. I learned thinks I did not know. I feel fresh and ready to face challenges in my life. I feel happy.”

George -Armadale , WA

I feel to breadth much easier and I don’t want the taste of the cigarette  again. I feel good. I have lot of energy.

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Testimony from Helen
Hi Vilma, I have written my testimony for the treatment.

I have had a weight problem almost my entire life and tried every kind of diet out there. I had looked into gastric band surgery in the past but didn’t like many stories I had heard from other people and it seemed extremely invasive. As an almost final resort I decided to try hypnotism as I thought it may address some of the food issues I have. From the very first session I had lost all craving for the foods I had identified as my danger foods and was craving vegetables and salads the way I used to crave chips, bread and cheese. By the time of my last session, through the Christmas and New Years period, I had already lost nearly 12 kilos and felt so much healthier. I feel as if my brain has been reset to think about food, portion sizes and exercise differently.

Hi Vilma,

As per my conversation today i am going to write a review about my experience with your business.

Thank you vilma from vitility clinic as you have reformed me into a better human being .

I would like to share my experience :

Some time back i was a chain smoker ,where i had to have around 3 to 4 packets of cigarettes a day and i could not live without it ,i tried to quit smoking with the help of medicines but it affected my health then i came across Vitality clinic (vilma) she was the one who took a session of 10 minutes and changed my life and now i can live freely and even if i come across cigarettes it does not affect me and thank you again and i would request all to go ahead and speak to vilma she is healer in my life could be the same for you .
best of luck
lester calvert

The date of 1st visit: 23/08/2016
The date of 2nd visit:
Really well thanks had some big news come my way to tackle and I am going strong. The no alcohol and no energy drink is great. Anxiety minimal to none. I have spoken of your work to a few people now and am confident they will be in contact.

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